ACC Advocacy

Working to Ensure You Receive Your Entitlements

As Your ACC Advocate - I'm Here to Help

If you are having problems with ACC, with your claim denied or have processing delays, I can help get things moving for you. 

Usually this involves filing a review application, but sometimes a formal complaint is the more appropriate course to seek resolution. Once you have given me your instructions, I will then take care of the entire process for you. With over a decade helping solve clients' ACC problems, you can rely upon my expertise to get the job done right. 

What Does an ACC Advocate Do?

An ACC advocate is a person completely independent from ACC who will speak to ACC on your behalf to get your claim sorted. That's me. I will do all of the work on your behalf with ACC, challenging ACC's decision on your claim, trying to speed up their processing time and filing any required complaints.

While the ACC system has been set up to work without the need for an advocate, clients find it hard and time consuming to navigate. This can result on missing out of entitlements and cover. My job is to speak up for you, collect and prepare all of the evidence and submissions needed for the review hearing, working to ensure you receive your entitlements. During your review process, we can speak on your behalf about:

  • home care attendants
  • denied surgery or costs
  • injury cover and medical misadventure
  • historic claims
  • lump sum payments
  • weekly compensation
  • loss of potential earnings

Why Use an ACC Advocate?

Challenging a claim decision made by ACC is incredibly off putting for many people. As a large faceless organisation, often with multiples people involved in every claim, you may feel overwhelmed, unsure of the next steps and unclear on what your entitlements really are. Using the services of an ACC advocate can help you to understand the review process, ensure you get access to accurate information and assist you with the review process from start to finish.

For further advice or to chat about your ACC claim, give me a call today.