ACC Advocacy

Working to Ensure You Receive Your Entitlements

ACC Reviews Process

A review is a formal challenge to ACC's decision or delay in relation to a claim and must occur within 90 days of the decision. Everyone has the ability to request to participate in the ACC reviews process which works like this:

  1. We lodge your review application with ACC who will in turn get in touch with us. Some claims can be resolved at this stage before a reviewer is appointed, with some going to a formal medication or conciliation to explore the possibilities for settlement. 
  2. After receiving the review application, ACC will appoint a review specialist to consider the file and the issues raised. The review specialist is separate and independent from the team that have managed the claim.
  3. A hearing will be held and a written decision adjudicating on the issues arising will be issued. This can be appealed to the the District Court.

Sometimes it is important that the application gets to a reviewer as soon as possible, and although ACC has a statutory obligation to appoint a reviewer without undue delay, pressure may need to be exerted to ensure it moves at a pace acceptable to the client. 

ACC Appeals, Mediations and Negotiations

Using the services of an ACC advocate to assist with your appeal, and any associated mediation or negotiation processes, can help reduce the overwhelm and give you the confidence to work towards receiving your entitlements. As your advocate, I work for you to ensure you receive a fair and unbiased review. Learn more about my ACC advocacy services or contact me today to discuss your ACC claim review.